Böni AG is a family-run enterprise now in its third generation. Ever since its foundation in 1933, it has been committed to developing and manufacturing precision tools for the metal working industry. Over its long history in the field of precision tools, the company has become specialists in the production of marking tools (inscription tools for CNC machines) and knurling tools. Today's market demands high quality and long service life, which places a lot of pressure on machines and tools. Our wide-ranging standard tools meet these demands, giving our customers a clear edge over their competitors. For many years, we have been providing tools for knurling and marking turned parts. Our extensive product portfolio enables you to machine your workpieces in an efficient and economical manner.

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  • Produktion

  • Produktion

  • Prägewerkzeug für Drehmaschinen mit beengten Platzverhältnissen

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  • Obráběcí stroje pro obrábění kovů - díly a příslušenství
  • Odsavače hoblin
  • Obráběcí stroje pro vytlačování
  • Tažení ocele a kovů
  • Značení - různé
  • Marking tools
  • Flat marking tools
  • Marking tools for machining centres
  • Marking tools for lathes
  • Knurled wheels
  • Knurl holders
  • Precision tools
  • prespaced stickers
  • Metal and engineering industry constructions
  • tool manufacturing
  • tools for working metals
  • tools for metalworking machinery with shaving removal
  • product customisation

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