As an experienced provider of load lifting equipment and conveying elements, DAMBACH COMPONENTS combines development and production at a single site in Germany. A consistently high quality and user-focused solutions set the components apart. The independent business division of DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG boasts over 45 years of experience. Manufacturers of storage and conveying technology benefit from expert support and tailor-made products. Using the innovative online 3D configurator, customers can also tailor the product of their choice to their requirements.

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  • Teleskop Einfachtief für Großladungsträger
  • Vertikalförderer mit Kette oder Seil
  • Querverfahrwagen

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  • Výtahy nákladní
  • Heavy load lifting
  • Load lifters
  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • Pallet lifters
  • Telescopic forklifts for conveying equipment
  • Automation equipment for conveying systems
  • Conveying elements
  • Lifting systems for heavy loads
  • Load lifting equipment
  • Elevating platforms
  • Pallet lift tables
  • Transverse trolley
  • Vertical conveyor with chain or wire rope
  • Single-depth telescope for large load carriers
  • vertical conveyors
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