DOGSOFA is the culmination of 38 years' experience in the sofa and soft furnishing business, synonymous with a new project that is so much more than just a passion: sofas for small- and medium-size dogs, for their comfort and our style. DOGSOFA makes real sofas by hand for the use of our four-legged friends, real sofas with fully removable and washable covers made from your choice of stain-resistant and waterproof fabrics that are very comfortable for your favourite pet.High quality, Made in Italy, custom styles, all combine to make DOGSOFA a true item of home furnishing that will be the perfect fit with your home, no matter what you personal style and tastes.Our products are available in a range of standard dimensions, but don't worry if these aren't right because we also tailor make sofas to order. Truly exceptional sofas covered with high tech, high performance fabrics, soft and pleasant to the touch, fabrics created specially for furnishings and that are used for sofas for people too, but with special treatments to make them perfect for our four-legged friends!

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  • DIVANETTI sfoderabile e lavabili

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