Package well to sell better. ESSEGI is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of packaging and industrial automation lines, in particular vertical packaging machines (VFFS), vertical and horizontal balers and soil mixing lines. We are also able to supply complete systems for product loading, transportation, weighing and dosing. Versatility: we can meet all requirements and needs with maximum flexibility. Reliability: we work to international standards and constantly remain up-to-day with safety measures. Availability: we work side-by-side with our clients during their production processes, offering a very high standard of commercial services and technical support; Time really is money: with timely solutions, deliveries and technical support, we offer our customers numerous benefits that provide tangible results.

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  • Balení a adjustace - stroje a zařízení
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  • hay presses
  • horizontal presses
  • press processors
  • wood chip press
  • pellet sachet packing machinery
  • machinery for blending compost
  • machinery for bag packaging
  • sand packing machinery
  • vertical packing machines
  • mixing lines
  • packing systems
  • packaging machinery for compost
  • packaging machinery for pellets
  • vertical packing machines
  • reel packaging machines
  • automatic packaging
  • special packaging machines
  • electronic scales
  • packaging machines
  • automatic packaging machinery
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