Extrx is a Finnish company that aims is to produce health-promoting products from wild arctic berries. We have the expertise, partner networks and passion to make top-class products from pure natural local raw materials for the international markets. We want to encourage people to maintain their health and wellbeing through the choices they make. Our products will be made sustainably and with highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Extrx is established in 2016 with a vision of produce functional foods from wild arctic berries native to the region alongside with anthocyanin extract. Our range will comprise of juices, concentrates, fresh purees with high fibre and dried berry products with aim to use every part of the berry. Anthocyanin and berry extracts are available soon.

Our berry selection includes bilberries, lingonberries and other northern berries and fruits. We have the expertise and passion to make top-class products from pure natural raw materials for both local and international markets. We want to be part of a global change that encourages people to maintain their health and well-being through the choices they make.

Extrx is specialized in B2B products for food & beverage, nutrition, pharmacy and cosmetic industries aiming to help customers to make high added value products from nature’s own superfood, arctic berries. The wild arctic berries are hand-picked and immediately frozen to avoid losing any single component of those super berries.

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