Since 1983 Ferplast has been in business in the packaging machinery and materials sector and specialized in the design and manufacture of pallet wrapping machines, end-of-line packaging devices and packing technical and food products. Ferplast offers a wide range of European-manufactured equipment and equipment imported from other professional and reliable suppliers. Our customers can choose the products that best fulfil their requirements and benefit from our constant guidance.

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  • Sigillatrici per imballaggio

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  • Balení a adjustace - stroje a zařízení
  • bag stitcher
  • bag welding machine
  • sealing machines
  • glueing machines for packing
  • packaging eyelet making machines
  • wrappers
  • taping machines
  • strapping equipment for packing
  • packaging machines for packing
  • tackers for packing
  • proportioning devices
  • bagging machines for packing
  • welding machines for packing

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