Benefit from more than 65 years of experience. The company was founded in 1950 by Friedrich Würth with the corporate objective of producing and repairing heating elements for household devices, industrial applications as well as medical and laboratory technology. His successors have remained true to the original company objectives to this day. Today, his grandson Steffen Wolf runs the company in the tradition of its founder’s philosophy. You can benefit from the advantages of our location. The company headquarters of Friedrich Würth Produktions GmbH are located in Empfingen. The production site of Würth products is in the Czech Republic. The WoTech company belongs to the Würth company group. We would be happy to show you our product range on the following pages, which includes, in addition to electrical heating elements for various applications and ceramic heating plates, complete device and system component manufacturing.

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  • Rok založení 1950
  • Hlavní činnost Hlavní činnost Výrobce

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  • Heizung von Lufterwärmung
  • Heizung von Lufterwärmung
  • Heizung von Lufterwärmung

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  • Topení průmyslové - zařízení
  • Heating elements to heat air inside housings
  • Heating elements to heat air without housings
  • Electric air heaters
  • Electric radiant heaters
  • Quarz infrared heating elements
  • Cable assembly
  • Heating elements for direct contact with liquids
  • Fused silica heating elements
  • Porcupine heating elements
  • Heating elements for special applications
  • Ceramic heat and heat storage plates
  • Ceramic heating plates
  • Fireclay heat storage plates
  • Area heaters via contact pressure
  • Glass fibre cords
  • Ceramic pipe, ceramic fluted pipe heating elements
  • Heating elements for finished components and finished devices
  • Heating spirals with connector
  • Contract work (assembly)
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial immersion heaters (fused silica)
  • Custom designs for electric heating
  • Mica heating elements
  • Preformed parts
  • Cartridge heating
  • Heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes
  • flow heater
  • technical ceramic
  • foldable batteries
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