Gnutti Cirillo spa is a company specialising in heat moulding and the mechanical shaping of brass, aluminium and other non ferrous metals. Founded in 1951 by Cirillo Gnutti as a manufacturer of tools and moulds, Gnutti Cirillo spa has for over 50 years been a leading international company in this sector. Our great technical know-how enables us to satisfy all requests, to create products from the design phase through to production, providing support throughout this process (co-engineering). The Gnutti Cirillo quality system aims to satisfy clients through improvements at the company level. The quality of our products is the result of a commitment by all the services and is based on valuing human resources. Our quality is the result of certifications obtained which highlight our strategic choices. Certified in line with: UNI EN ISO 9001.

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  • 201 - 500
    Počet zaměstnanců
  • 60%
    % obratu z vývozu


  • Rok založení 1951
  • Typ společnosti Typ společnosti Sídlo společnosti, Mateřská společnost
  • Hlavní činnost Hlavní činnost Výrobce

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Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Plynové armatury
  • Sanitární armatury
  • Průmyslové armatury
  • Lisování ocele a kovů
  • Hot drop-forging of metal
  • gas valves
  • special valves
  • push-button valves
  • valves for extinguishers
  • fittings for water valves
  • gas valve manifolds
  • brass handles
  • water valves
  • brass moulding
  • brass taps
  • brass rings
  • working of brass
  • ball valves
  • gas cocks
  • working of brass pipes
  • hot forming
  • hot presses
  • metal moulding
  • taps and fittings
  • Pipe unions
  • valves
  • moulding
  • gaskets
  • mixer taps
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