Being open with our customers is our team's main priority. The resulting trust is the best foundation for successful business relationships. Our mutual cooperation help us achieve the best possible results. Optimal service is the logical conclusion. Throughout the whole project, we offer ongoing customer support and monitoring of technical processes, and we can be present on-site if required. We are your reliable partner in case of any questions, from planning through to implementation, and offer direct and efficient assistance throughout all planning and operational stages. Our specialist expertise and the direct contact between our well-organised team and our customers guarantee simple and fast order processing and problem-solving. Our customers are always kept informed of the current status of their projects and kept up to date, meaning a time-consuming "meeting culture" can be avoided.

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Klíčové ukazatele

  • 11 – 50
    Počet zaměstnanců


  • Rok založení 1883
  • Typ společnosti Typ společnosti Sídlo společnosti, Mateřská společnost
  • Hlavní činnost Hlavní činnost Výrobce

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Obrázky zaslané tímto podnikem

  • H.R. Heinicke GmbH Feuerungs- und Anlagenbau
  • H.R. Heinicke GmbH Feuerungs- und Anlagenbau
  • Planung

Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Pece a komíny, průmyslové
  • Konstrukce kovové těžké
  • Průmyslové stavby - dodavatelé
  • Incineration systems
  • Animal crematoriums
  • Development of animal farming facilities
  • Fluidized bed furnaces
  • Furnace construction
  • Modernisation of industrial furnaces
  • Design offices for technical plant design
  • Repairs of industrial furnaces
  • Machinery and system manufacturing
  • General contracting
  • Flatbed furnace
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