We are a medium-sized manufacturer of non-woven fabrics, operating from a total of four production facilities across two locations in Germany. Our production spectrum ranges from non-woven fabrics with a surface weight of between 20 and 1500 g/m² through to thermally bonded fabrics, film-laminated products and needle-punched non-woven fabrics using combinations of fibres that have been optimized to suit the specific application. We liaise with our customers to tailor products to their application and then produce and deliver these using the "just in time" principle. We pride ourselves on nurturing long-lasting and cooperative business relationships, which enable us to make continuous progress with our customers and to fully realise the potential for improvement. Our client base ranges from major suppliers of systems to the automotive industry through to small-scale builders' merchants. If you have a problem, we have the solution.

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  • 11 – 50
    Počet zaměstnanců


  • Rok založení 2010
  • Typ společnosti Typ společnosti Sídlo společnosti, Mateřská společnost
  • Hlavní činnost Hlavní činnost Výrobce

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  • MAILINGER Innovative fiber solutions GmbH
  • Unser Eingangsbereich
  • Produktion

Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Textilie netkané
  • Composite non-woven fabrics
  • Non-woven dust sheets
  • Needle-punched non-wovens
  • Polyester non-woven fabrics
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Non-woven fabrics for the food industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for the automotive industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for the building industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for the furniture industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for the footwear industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for medical applications
  • Non-woven fabrics for technical applications
  • Non-woven filter materials
  • Non-woven fabrics for the clothing industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for the commercial vehicle industry
  • Non-woven fabrics for milk filters
  • unwoven fabric (felts)
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