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mcePharma researches, develops, and manufactures range of scientifically proven, patented, science-based advanced food supplements in ODT – orally soluble tablets. We offer our food supplements, in the form of tablets and powders, under the mcePharma brand or as a private label, an integral part of our services is contract development and manufacturing. We are looking for distributors. We place great emphasis on innovation and continually invests in development related to user-friendly dosage forms like ODT and powders. Our growing, science-based product line, rigorous manufacturing processes, and certifications are all designed to help to improve our clients’ health today and for years to come. Our line of ODT food supplements release active ingredient immediately in​ mouth, so it is absorbed directly in mouth​ or in pregastric area (esophagus). That ensures​ rapid absorption and high efficacy of active​ ingredient by removing the unwanted first pass​ effect,  process typical for classic tablets​ (degradation of active ingredients in the digestive tract and liver).​ We manufacture and globally sell the only patented food supplement Neo curcumin supplement with highly bioavailable curcumin in the form of orally soluble tablets for maximum absorption and easy use. Patented in USA (US 11331281B2), Czech Republic (CZ 307916), pending applications in EU (18170818.1), and Canada (016599-0003). The effectiveness of our products is supported by our scientific studies.

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Česká republika

Patented in USA US 11331281B2 Patented in Czech Republic CZ 307916 Pending applications in EU (18170818.1), and Canada (016599-0003) The only patented food supplement with bioavailable curcumin in the form of orally soluble tablets for maximum absorption and easy use. Curcumin is the best characterized anti-inflammatory agent extracted from the root of Curcuma longa and it has long been used in traditional medicine of Orient. Developed in cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic - scientific study confirmed 100% absorption of curcumin in comparison to classic products, and 220x increased solubility of curcumin. The first-pass effect is common with classic tablets, where the active substance passes through the digestive tract and subsequently the liver, where it is mostly degraded or converted to ineffective substances. With orally dissolving forms, the first-pass effects do not occur.

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Natural prevention of migraine attacks and severe headache, a unique product combining the effects of Feverfew extract and Baical skullcap extract, enriched with L-Theanin and vitamins B1 a B6. The only product on the market with scientifically proven high solubility and cellular absorption of effective plant extracts - up to 300 times higher than that of commonly available products, developed in cooperation with the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic. User friendly dosage form in orally soluble tablets (ODT) for maximum absorption. Indication: Individuals suffering from migraine attacks Reduces increased sensitivity to light and noise Prevents vomiting and nausea during migraine attacks Induction of relaxation Prevention of anxiety

Česká republika

Falling asleep quickly due to a rapid release of melatonin in orally soluble tablets (ODT) Deep sleep and fresh awakening thanks to the gradual release of 5-HTP, L-theanin, Magnolia officinalis and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12. Most of the melatonin is released in the first 30 seconds after administration, in contrast with slow and poor release in other products. Developed in cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic - scientific study confirmed higher absorption 600% of melatonin in comparison to standard products, and 100% solubility of melatonin. 4quick sleep​​​​​​​ is dissolved in mouth and effective from first minute after use. Indication: Night shift workers Travellers into different time zone (jet lag) Difficulties falling asleep Light or unrestful sleep Short sleep duration (early awakening) Frequent awakenings Along with the difficulty or inability to fall back to sleep again

Česká republika

A unique mood booster, for mental well-being, calming mind and body. Naturally promotes a positive mood, help to relieve stress and anxiety. Effective combination of the highest quality standardized extracts of Lemon balm Bluenesse, Magnolia officinalis and Camellia sinensis, L-theanin, vitamins B1, B2, B6. Great taste of orange and honey, user friendly orally soluble tablets, fast and effective absorption. Indication: Highly effective support of the nervous system activity and relaxation Developed for long-term use - non-addictive Promotes body’s natural ability to cope with stress Relax for both body and mind

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Stachovice HUB premises

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Watch it now to discover all about mcePharma and Stachovice HUB premises service and products! - Production finished products (food supplements) - Blending of powders/premixes (ISO 22000 and EXCiPACT) - Sampling service - Smart storage retrieval in Kardex - Development of food supplements - GDP warehousing


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