Neo curcumin supplement ODT - Patented Formula



Patented in USA US 11331281B2 Patented in Czech Republic CZ 307916 Pending applications in EU (18170818.1), and Canada (016599-0003) The only patented food supplement with bioavailable curcumin in the form of orally soluble tablets for maximum absorption and easy use. Curcumin is the best characterized anti-inflammatory agent extracted from the root of Curcuma longa and it has long been used in traditional medicine of Orient. Developed in cooperation with First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, Czech Republic - scientific study confirmed 100% absorption of curcumin in comparison to classic products, and 220x increased solubility of curcumin. The first-pass effect is common with classic tablets, where the active substance passes through the digestive tract and subsequently the liver, where it is mostly degraded or converted to ineffective substances. With orally dissolving forms, the first-pass effects do not occur.