développement opérationnel des ventes à l'exportation

Odyscience is a specialist supplier of services in sales development for export, working on behalf of businesses in the healthcare sector. Founded in 2000, our company's main headquarters are located in Liège in Belgium, at the heart of the European market, enabling us to serve a 500 km radius containing the largest decision-making centres in France, Germany and the UK. Our extensive and varied experience gained over the years in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia has enabled us to secure the international development of numerous companies operating in the life sciences sector. Odyscience has direct access to many sources of growth in 23 countries throughout the world, and across numerous distribution networks.

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  • Mezinárodní obchod - poradenství
  • operational sales development
  • healthcare sector sales development
  • export sales development
  • services and activities for the pharmaceutical industry
  • medication agents and representatives
  • health (medical specializations) sector appraisals
  • Health communication
  • Health coordination

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