P.P.& C. SRL

P.P. & C. Progettazione Produzione e Commercio srl is the only Italian company working, since 1990, in the field of design and manufacture of anti-tampering security systems marketed in Italy and abroad. Specialist doctors made available to the company carry out toxicology tests and anti-doping screening analyses. The company designs in-house drug screening kits, anti-doping kits, security envelopes, security containers and anti-tamper seals. Progettazione Produzione e Commercio srl works with skill and professional expertise to ensure the safety of citizens faced with harmful and toxic substance issues. For further information, contact the company's head office at Via Giustiniana 1120 in Rome.


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  • Pečeti - balení na zakázku
  • chains of custody
  • verification kits
  • security envelopes
  • drug abuse screening kits
  • security containers
  • drug addiction screening kits
  • anti-tamper seals
  • self-sealing envelopes
  • test tubes
  • medical devices
  • medical articles
  • sachets with extendible gussets

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