R + B Filter develops and produces pleated filter cartridges, filter panels and filter cassettes for industrial air filtration and dust removal technology. In addition to standard filter elements, R + B Filter has specialised in the development of customised solutions. Engineers and technicians develop filter elements with designs and materials individually adapted to your operating conditions. We offer solutions both for improving existing filter systems and for new applications. We also support our customers in the design and construction of new systems. The aim is to ensure the optimum function of dust extraction systems. Examples: 3D printing and additive manufacturing, food industry, laser and plasma cutting, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, oil and emulsion mist separation, extraction of welding smoke, product conveying, hot gas filtration, silo venting, metal spraying, powder coating, blasting systems, clean room technology.

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  • Rok založení 1982
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  • Building materials, plaster, cement
  • ATEX zone, US FDA, EU regulation
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