For 25 years, the company has been manufacturing ornamental measuring chains (iron, brass and aluminium) and small metal parts (wire, turned and cast) for various sectors, such as jewellery, clothing accessories and leatherwork. Its creative capacity, constant commitment to developing new items and modern tools have enabled the company to also create specific items upon request from its customers.

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Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Přesná mechanika
  • Soustružení ocele a kovů
  • manufacture of brass bushings
  • ball chains
  • manufacture of handles for leather goods
  • manufacture of turned small parts
  • small metal items
  • safety snaps
  • precision turnery
  • manufacture of metal accessories
  • register screws
  • manufacture of studs
  • precision machining
  • Precision turning
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