Roll containers and cages - Roll containers and trolleys for laundries and shops



Laundry Roll Containers Roll containers are the most necessary service equipment whether at a dry-cleaning, small laundry facilities or production sites. Laundry roll containers prevent clothes from wear-out and help keep it at good condition for longer term. Roll cages are made from the following materials: stainless steel, plastic, coated ferrous metal. Base frame and sidewalls of a roll container can be made of different materials. Each type of roll container has its advantages. Roll containers with plastic base frame are lighter than those with metal base frames, though metal base frame is more durable. Roll containers made of ferrous metal can be electro-galvanized or coated with polymeric powder (paint-coated). Paint-coated roll cages exposed to shearing distortions and as a result of it – corrosion. Most optimal material for laundry roll containers by quality-price ratio is electro-galvanized metal.