Savino Barbera srl, founded in 1947, specialises in the production of metal pumps for irrigation, building and domestic applications. From the 1960s onward the company has specialised in the design and production of anti-corrosion pumps made from thermoplastics for pumping aggressive fluids, corrosive water and chemical products. Thanks their unique expertise, the company is able to respond to any industrial pumping requirement and is aimed at the most varied production sectors: Petrochemical installations, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and dairy industries; installations and equipment for the wine and drinks industry, installations and machines for gilding metals, water treatment, smoke treatment, the textile industry, tanning, metalworking, photography workshops, hospitals, fish farms and many more. . ISO 9001: 2000 certified, the company operates throughout Italy and internationally.

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  • AG - Albero - a - sbalzo

  • Pompe a membrana BX

  • Pompe orizzontali anticorrosione OMA

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  • Čerpadla
  • pumps for electric drums
  • scale solvent
  • pumps for barrels
  • plastic hardware
  • emptying pump
  • pumps for pneumatic drums
  • vertical agitators
  • magnetic pumps
  • scale-removing pumps
  • horizontal pumps
  • membrane pumps
  • pumps
  • micropumps
  • vertical pumps
  • horizontal centrifugal pumps
  • underwater centrifugal pumps
  • Chemical pumps
  • pumps for abrasives
  • pumps for the food industry
  • purification pumps
  • pumps for corrosive liquids
  • pumps for industrial uses
  • magnetic pumps

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