Vencil Pharmaceuticals Ltd was founded in February 2010 with the vision of 
becoming one of the most efficient and profitable companies in the field. The
main business activity of the company is the production, sales and distribution 
of high quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. 

Based on many years of experience, the company has became aware of the 
lack of quality and type of services that doctors demand and with proficient and
capable partners came to fill that gap by setting new higher standards.  

Vencils' products 
✓ Anti-aging creams
✓ Eczema treatment creams
✓ Anti-scar cream
✓ Sunscreens 
✓ Food supplements 
are presented to doctors who prescribe them and are available to consumers via 
pharmacies and wholesalers.

Collaboration strategies with top Greek and multinational companies aiming at 
promoting and distributing the company's products in an attempt to broaden its 
market share domestically and in international markets.

The company's' Goals 
•  Growth, production and circulation of new products in Greece.
•  Promotion of Vencil Daktylon product series through advertisement 
•  Collaboration strategies with top Greek and multinational companies
   aiming at the promotion and distribution of  their products in an attempt 
   to broaden our market share. 
•  Establishment of  international sales and distribution networks for exporting
   current and future product series. 

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  • Vencil Hair strong Shampoo
  • Vencil skin care products

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Obrázky zaslané tímto podnikem

  • Shampoo for oily hair and Seborrhoeic dermatitis

  • Tonic lotion suitable for androgenetic alopecia, seasonal hair loss

  • Shampoo for hair loss treatment

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  • Farmaceutické výrobky
  • Výrobky péče o tělo
  • Hair tonic lotions
  • hair shampoo
  • Multivitamin nutritional supplements
  • Acne skin Cream
  • Peeling Gel
  • Eye cream
  • dermatological pharmaceutical products
  • therapeutic pharmaceutical products
  • wholesale of pharmaceutical products
  • packaging of pharmaceutical products
  • skin cosmetics
  • cosmetics
  • Manufacturer of cosmetics
  • hair shampoos
  • acne treatments
  • face creams
  • Manufacturer of skin care products
  • body creams
  • vitamin supplements
  • vitamins
  • local and foreign commercial partners sought

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  • Vencil Pharmaceuticals

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