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    NĚMECKO- Korntal-Münchingen

    More than 86 years of tradition and innovation have earned ASKUBAL its status as a high-profile brand. Now in the fourth generation of the same family, this owner-operated business is fit for the...

    Dodavatel: ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | self-aligning ball bearings | axial deep groove ball bearings | ball bearings [+] angular contact ball bearings | steel balls | Ložiska valivá | Ložiska kluzná | swivel heads | spherical plain bearings | tapered roller bearings | needle roller bearings | needle roller bearings | fork heads

    Značky : ASKUBAL

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    NĚMECKO- Aalen
    FRANKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...slewing rings, angular contact ball bearings and linear systems made of aluminium. Our products include: Ball bearings, bearing elements, thin section bearings, slewing rings, thrust bearings, radial bearings, angular contact ball bearings, coggings, direct...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | ball bearings made of stainless steel | angular contact ball bearings | Ložiska valivá | linear guides [+] linear systems | cpm bearings | round tables | storage solutions | bearings for robotics | wire race bearings | bearing elements | large gears | linear units | roller linear guides

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    NĚMECKO- Kelkheim (taunus)
    ENSONG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Ensong GmbH is a modern commercial, technological and service company. The company offers its customers a high-quality range of bearing technology, drive technology and other machine elements for...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | rotating spindle ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | precision angular contact ball bearings | threaded ball bearings [+] precision deep groove ball bearings | special bearings (roller bearings) | plain bearings/rod end bearings | precision bearings | special bearings | tapered roller bearings | aluminium injection | needle roller bearings | standard bearings | cross roller bearings

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  • Almost 100 years of experience in maximum precision: Now run in the fourth generation, the family business GMN Paul Müller Industrie GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Nuremberg, produces high...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | special ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | ceramic ball bearings | spindle ball bearings [+] ball bearing freewheels | Ložiska valivá | Těsnění a ucpávky | Protahovací trny - obráběcí stroje | spindle bearing | storage systems | motor spindles | grinding spindle | plastic gaskets | high precision roller bearings

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  • Premium product quality and personal service are the cornerstones of our production process. For many years, we have been supplying our products to big-name international companies and corporations....

    Dodavatel: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | thrust ball bearing | self-aligning ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | angular contact ball bearings [+] special bearings (roller bearings) | Ložiska kluzná | tapered roller bearings | swivel heads | spherical plain bearings | cpm bearings | pulleys | self-aligning spherical roller bearings | parallel cylindrical roller bearings | withdrawal sleeves for bearings

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    NĚMECKO- Karlsruhe
    FINDLING WÄLZLAGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ABEG, our comprehensive, user-oriented service concept, represents a breakthrough in the selection and procurement of roller bearings and all related components. We create transparency on the global...

    Dodavatel: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | axial deep groove ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | miniature ball bearings | linear ball bearings [+] angular contact ball bearings | single thrust ball bearings | Ložiska valivá | Ložiska kluzná | articulated heads | tapered roller bearings | ball-type nipples | rollers | spindle bearing | housing bearings

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    NĚMECKO- Kürnach
    HQW PRECISION GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HQW Precision GmbH has its headquarters and production sites in Kürnach, Germany. We specialise in the construction and manufacture of high-end bearings and assemblies which are tailored to meet the...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | miniature ball bearings | spindle ball bearings | deep groove ball bearing | angular contact ball bearings [+] stainless steel ball bearings | ball screw support bearings | precision ball bearings | ball bearings for medical technology | corrosion-resistant ball bearings | rust-resistant ball bearings | non-magnetic ball bearings | ball bearings for the aerospace industry | special ball bearings | Ložiska valivá

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    ITÁLIE- Rho
    NMB ITALIA SRL - Verified by Europages

    Production of ball bearings, AC and DC axial fans for manufacturing, stepper motors, assembled precision bearings, ball-joints.

    Dodavatel: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | ball bearings | miniature radial ball bearings | ball joints | needle roller bearings [+] axial bushings | bushings | swivel heads | rolling bearings for transmissions | cylindrical centrifuged bushings | precision bearings | stepping motors | ac and dc axial fans | assembled precision bearings | centrifuge ventilators

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  • IBC Wälzlager GmbH has been active in the field of anti-friction bearing technology for 45 years. It continues to build on the traditions of Robert Kling Wetzlar GmbH which was founded in 1972. Many...

    Dodavatel: ball bearings | angular contact ball bearings | housing units for ball bearings | axial deep groove ball bearings | Ložiska valivá [+] linear guides | grinding spindle | linear equipment | hybrid roller bearings | precision clamping nuts | spindle bearings for machine tools | linear adjustment systems | linear bearings | round guides (mechanical engineering) | parallel cylindrical roller bearings

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    NĚMECKO- Köln
    IGUS® GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...by clients, as well as drive technology, plastic ball bearings, semi-manufactured goods and robotic joints form part of the igus® range. We have more than 100, 000 products in stock and from "batch size one".

    Dodavatel: ball bearings | Ložiska kluzná | Vodiče izolované | spherical plain bearings | linear guides [+] jack outlets | bushings | linear axes | cable chains | industrial robotics | linear technology 3d printers | drive technology | power supplies | energy chains | spindle/screw drives

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    NĚMECKO- Urbach
    SCHOCK METALLWERK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...is your development partner and supplier for ball bearing telescopic slides, special profiles, assemblies and sliding systems. The basis for the quality of our products is the Schock roll forming...

    Dodavatel: ball bearing telescopic rails | Profily ze železných kovů | Profily válcované za studena | cold worked profiles | steel profiles [+] profiles | aluminium profiles | ball linear guides | profiles made of belt material | telescopic rails | roller linear guides | hot-rolled special profiles | stainless-steel profiles | guide rails for metal construction | drawer slides for furnishings

    Značky : SCHOCK

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    ŠVÝCARSKO- Nänikon
    PETER HIRT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Peter Hirt linear ball bearings adapted to be play-free. The components of linear ball bearings, including shaft, ball cage and housing, are individually lapped and honed together in matched sets for each individual linear ball...

    Dodavatel: ball cage | Vozidla - inteligentní naváděcí systémy | Měření a regulace tlaku - přístroje a nástroje | Měření a regulace průtoku a proudu - přístroje a nástroje | Řízení a seřízení - přístroje a nástroje [+] Zkušební zařízení | Signalizace - systémy a zařízení | Elektřina - díly a součástky | Inženýring - dodavatelé - průmysl | metrology | pneumatic cylinders | pneumatic valves and cylinders | ball linear guides | production measurement technology | length measurement

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    NĚMECKO- Bielefeld
    DEMAN EUROPE - Verified by Europages

    ...mechanical processing, injection moulding, ball bearings, toothed belts and toothed belt wheels, pneumatics, threaded spindles. Glass – mirrors, solar glass, insulating glass, laminated safety...

    Dodavatel: Ochranné masky | Jednorázové výrobky pro léčebnou chirurgii | diamond tools for the glass industry | flat glass processing machines

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  • ...The main products consist of axial deep groove ball bearings, detailed parts and components for systems used in warehousing, conveying and transport technology, stamped and stamped bent parts,...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | axial deep groove ball bearings | tool manufacturing | spherical rollers | idlers [+] high-frequency cable clips | laser parts | punching and forming technology | turning and milling technology | ball roller tracks | heavy-load ball rollers | ball roller tables | thrust bearings | dlg100 | materials handling

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    NĚMECKO- Ahlhorn
    SEVA-TEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...special paint, temperature sensors, bearing temperature monitoring, anti-condensation heating, special shafts, side shaft ends, individual encoders and much more. The location in Ahlhorn. 1991...

    Dodavatel: Motoreduktory | self-braking engines | electric motors | frequency regulators | gears [+] direct current motors | bevel gear reducers | epicycloidal gear reducers | worm reduction gears | cylindrical gears | overload cutouts | low voltage motors | transmissions | drives, electrical | drive technology

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  • ...stainless steel supports, shaft seals, o-rings and v-seals, NILOS bushes, belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets, ball bearings, roller bearings, needle bearings, self-lubricating bushes, LOXEAL and LOCTITE adhesives.

    Dodavatel: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | ball bearings | Převody mechanické a jejich díly | microbearings | bearings [+] precision bearings | joints | self-aligning supports | needle roller bearings | industrial bearings | cpm bearings | needle roller bearings | transmission bearings | radial micro-bearings | axial micro-bearings

    Značky : SPB | EZO

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  • ...cylindrical rollers and needle roller bearings in accordance with DIN. Customised products and special materials are often possible. We can also supply ball rollers. Our core expertise lies in the production of needle roller bearings and cylindrical rollers and we are a competent partner for solid...

    Dodavatel: balls for roller bearings | aluminium balls | ceramic balls | plastic balls | steel balls [+] carbide balls | balls | grinding balls | Ložiska valivá | axels | stainless steel balls | glass beads | rubber bearings | chrome and carbon balls | spherical rollers

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    NĚMECKO- Remscheid
    KRUMM & ANDRÉ GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    ...steadily. Today, for example, Krumm & André supplies custom-made shim washers, dowel pins, groove pins and many more products to the industry, in particular to the screw and ball bearing trade.

    Dodavatel: ball bearing shims | Výroba šroubů a matic | Matice | Upevňování - prostředky | spring pins [+] metal fasteners | fastening articles | stainless steel | groove nuts | locking plates | special washers | metal washers | quick lock washers | stainless washers

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  • ...bundles or solid pressed, hollow or cast brass balls. Then the products are milled, drilled and diamond turned. Lastly the ball bearings undergo surface treatment – chrome plating, nickel plating, Teflon...

    Dodavatel: Precision balls | grinding balls | beads for taps and fixtures | metal bearings | gas valve bearings [+] diamond-plated beads | perforated bearings | bronze beads | brass bearings | chrome plating | galvanising | ptfe coating | nickel-plating | bearing galvanising

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    NĚMECKO- Düsseldorf
    ROLLON GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Rollon is a leading manufacturer of linear guide systems, telescopic guides and linear axes. Rollon is a full-service provider for linear technology and linear systems and is recognised for its...

    Dodavatel: linear ball bearings | Automatizace - instalace a zařízení | linear guides | linear systems | linear units [+] linear equipment | actuators, linear | drive technology | custom automation solutions | automation technology | handling systems | ball linear guides | linear servo-actuators | linear bearings | linear modules

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    NĚMECKO- Bad Salzungen
    NORMTEILE LEINIGEN GBR - Verified by Europages

    Our assistance saves you time and money: LEINIGEN is your wholesaler and system provider for C-parts, standard parts, operating and machine elements as well as assemblies for mechanical engineering...

    Dodavatel: bearings, ball | Šrouby | Ložiska kluzná | bow handles | articulated heads [+] rods | linear guides | compression springs | gears | locking bolts | fastening technology | slings | drill bushings | machine hand wheels | stops

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    NĚMECKO- Wuppertal
    BLIS KUGELGEWINDETRIEBE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...DIN and customer drawing with standard or special nuts, trapezoidal spindles in rolled and whirled versions, linear guides, accessory parts like bearings and bearing blocks, repairs and checks of ball screws.

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | ball screws | Upevňování - prostředky | Šrouby | Ložiska valivá [+] anchor bolts | nuts | special screw | linear equipment | repairs of ball screws | linear servo-actuators | drive technology | fasteners

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  • Over its 80-year history, Schübel Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has made a name for itself as a specialised technical dealer for drive and industrial technology with product expertise and...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | Spojky motoru | Převodové prvky | Dopravní pásy | Ložiska valivá [+] Ložiska kluzná | Ložiska jehlová | toothed belts | trapezoidal belts | roller chains | sheaves | cylinder gears | conveyor belts and process belts | bush handling chains | roller chains for transmissions

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    NĚMECKO- Schwäbisch Hall
    LEGROM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to LEGROM GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We are also happy to provide you with advice. Contact us if you have questions about our product range. Our products include:...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | Pryž a plasty - zpracování | Plastické hmoty - polotovary | coolant hoses | brioche moulds [+] metal conveyor belt | plastics manufacturing | tool manufacturing | textile machine accessories | moulded parts made from thermoplasts | moulded parts made from thermosets | plastic parts for high-temperature applications | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic bearing cages | segment tubing

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  • We have many years of experience and guarantee that our products will provide secure support for all your applications. We operate as a global system supplier for industrial companies from our sites...

    Dodavatel: bearings, ball | Výroba šroubů a matic | Upevňování - prostředky | Matice | Upevňovací kolíky [+] fastening parts | special screws to spec | nuts | screws | special screw | logistics services | washers | clamping systems | stainless steel screws and nuts | bolts

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  • With almost 100 years of experience. Now managed in its fourth generation, our company has specialised in the global distribution of high quality spare parts for diesel and gas engines. We provide...

    Dodavatel: Bearings, ball | Náhradní díly pro lodní dieselové motory | Ložiska kluzná | Ložiska valivá | Lodní motory [+] replacement parts for diesel engines | marine engine spares | intercooler | tachometers | compressors | gear pumps | pistons | cylinder liners | air filters | temperature probes

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    ITÁLIE- Milano
    LELI SRL - Verified by Europages

    Our firm has more than sixty years' experience and its future is yet to be written. We have been distributing motion transmission components since 1950, and provide assistance and maintenance...

    Dodavatel: Bearings - ball, needle and roller | ball bearings | waterproof bushes | compasses | precision rings [+] bushings | lubricants | tapered roller bearings | cpm bearings | self-aligning supports | needle roller bearings | bearing supports | straight bearings | pin bearings | needle roller bearings

    Značky : PERMAGLIDE

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    NĚMECKO- Dietzenbach
    GEORG MARTIN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Martin – your partner for precision. We have been producing metallic intermediate layers as well as stamped and deep-drawn parts for the mechanical engineering and plant construction industries for...

    Dodavatel: ball bearing shims | Ocele a kovy - tváření a řezání | Fixační podložky | Podkládací klíny | moulded, stamped and drawn parts [+] spacers | metal strips | metal stamping | stamping parts | metal foils | precision stamping parts | plate and sheet metal | cnc punched parts | deep-drawn metal parts | laser cutting

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    NĚMECKO- Fulda
    SPHEROTECH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Individual solutions for highest demands. Spherotech is synonymous with precision balls that meet the highest standards and comprehensive customer-oriented service. Our team of 16 experienced,...

    Dodavatel: Precision balls | balls for roller bearings | aluminium balls | ceramic balls | plastic balls [+] polishing balls | steel balls | carbide balls | balls | machined balls | stainless steel balls | glass beads | rubber bearings | brass beads | needle roller bearings

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    NĚMECKO- Sindelfingen
    SCHNORR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture disc springs, safety washers and load washers, wave springs and stamped parts made of spring steel. SCHNORR® products are the top choice for any application whereby metal – thanks to...

    Dodavatel: ball bearing disc spring | Pružiny šroubovité válcové | Pružiny | Pružiny lamelové | belleville spring washers [+] butterfly nuts | springs for technical purposes | special springs | circlips | deep-drawn metal parts | stamping parts | spring steel | springs to design | screw-locking devices | spring washers

    Značky : SCHNORR

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