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  • We are a company founded in 1971 in the field of universal industrial electronics and are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of fault monitoring technology. Under the motto "the power to...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | remote surveillance | fault indicators | fault monitoring systems | hazard detection systems [+] scada systems | ict systems | remote control | condition and plant monitoring | lon bus technology | clean room access technology | fault control panels | alarm displays | telephone voice alarm | plain text message

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    NĚMECKO- Nürnberg
    BÜHLER MOTOR GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Bühler Motor stands for demanding, custom-made, and reliable mechatronic drive solutions with DC/BLDC small motors and gear motors and pumps. The company, which was founded in 1855 and has been owned...

    Dodavatel: Elektromotory a díly | Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektromotory - stejnosměrný proud | Motoreduktory | Čerpadla [+] dc electric motors | electric motors | manufacture of electrical motors | special electric motors | direct current pumps | motors and starting | mechanical drives | brushless motors | engine production | engines

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  • Innovative systems and individual components for whirlpool baths, spa jacuzzis and showers, high-performance pumps, as well as water revitalisation products and bath additives. They have been a...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Sanitární výrobky | Chromování | furnishing accessories | cnc turned parts [+] brass turned parts | milling plastic materials | polished chrome plating | turning plastics | surface finishing, galvanic | wood trade | chroming and nickel plating | turned small parts | cnc boring | c.n.c milling

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    NĚMECKO- Berg
    RAFI GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    RAFI develops and produces electromechanical structural elements and operating systems for human-machine interaction as well as electronic assemblies and devices. Our product range of...

    Dodavatel: Ovládací spínače - elektřina | Elektřina - díly a součástky | touch screen | touch screen pc | joysticks [+] membrane keyboards for front plates | control devices and indicating devices | push buttons (switches) | low-voltage switchgear | structural elements for electrical engineering and electronic equipment | components, electronic | emergency stop switches | input buttons | input keyboards | touchscreen displays

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    ŠVÝCARSKO- Nänikon
    PETER HIRT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Peter Hirt linear ball bearings adapted to be play-free. The components of linear ball bearings, including shaft, ball cage and housing, are individually lapped and honed together in matched sets for...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Vozidla - inteligentní naváděcí systémy | Měření a regulace tlaku - přístroje a nástroje | Měření a regulace průtoku a proudu - přístroje a nástroje | Řízení a seřízení - přístroje a nástroje [+] Zkušební zařízení | Signalizace - systémy a zařízení | Inženýring - dodavatelé - průmysl | metrology | pneumatic cylinders | pneumatic valves and cylinders | ball linear guides | ball cage | production measurement technology | length measurement

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  • Cuprotect Shielding Systems GmbH provides advice on, assists with and implements shielding measures for rooms and buildings in structural and civil engineering. Shielding is primarily provided for...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | emc shielding | emc products | emc room shields | high-frequency shielding [+] shielding films | metal emc seals | emc services | emc booths | emc components | emc measurement laboratories | emc measuring devices | field strength meters for emc and emec | measurement of electromagnetic environmental compatibility (emec) | shielding planning

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    NĚMECKO- Nürnberg
    BERATRONIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Beratronic GmbH. Thank you for your interest in our products. We will be happy to answer your questions. Talk to us. BERATRONIC GmbH, founded in Nuremberg, has its main focus of activity...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | flexrigid printed circuits | layout for printed circuit boards | multilayer (printed circuit boards) | assembly of pcbs [+] board manufacturing | printed circuit boards | plated-through pcbs, | smd mounting | ceramic pcbs | thick copper layer printed circuit boards | smd pcbs | tht fitting on pcbs | bga assembly of printed circuit boards | cad routing for printed circuit boards

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    RAKOUSKO- Saalfelden
    BILTON INTERNATIONAL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    BILTON was founded in Saalfelden, in the Austrian state of Salzburg, in 2009. Today, BILTON is a leader in innovation on the market and produces and develops LED modules in Austria. Whether for...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Osvětlení veřejné, průmyslové a komerční | Elektroluminescenční diody (LED) | led lighting systems | dimmers [+] aluminium structural shapes for led light strips | led modules (rgb) | profiles and covers | light management | architectural lighting | outdoor led lighting | led lighting technology | led car park lights | special led solutions | led strips

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    NĚMECKO- Grevenbroich
    RALF BRINKMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been specialising in moving energy supply systems for over 40 years and our products include hose reels, automatic hose reels, balancers, cable drums, cable reels, cable trolleys, slewing...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - přístroje | Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektřina - zařízení pro distribuci | Jeřáby a mostové jeřáby | Zvedání - zařízení a příslušenství [+] Systémy - zařízení a systémy | Obráběcí stroje - obrábění kovů | Autojeřáby | Elektrické a telefonní kabely a dráty | trucks for irrigation | cable trolleys | overhead conveyors | watering hose winder | cable reels | cable drums

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  • The company was founded as a trading company for armature winding products for the repair of electric motors in today's head office in 1945. Production of motor terminal boards, cell connectors,...

    Dodavatel: Elektrické a elektronické součástky - stroje na výrobu | Elektromotory a díly | Elektřina - díly a součástky | terminals | servomotor charcoal case [+] moulded commutators | boards for electrical circuits | ring brush case | tool manufacturing | hexagonal nuts | rubber terminal | electric motor brushes | carbon brushes | commutators | slip-ring elements

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    JIŽNÍ KOREA- Chungcheongbuk-Do, Korea
    SAMWHA ELECTRIC - Verified by Europages

    SAMWHA ELECTRIC is a company based in Korea specialized in the manufacturing of electronic components and more precisely electrolytic capacitors since 1973. Our product range includes Polymer...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektronické komponenty | Kondenzátory | electrolytic aluminium capacitors | surface mount device capacitors [+] capacitor | variable capacitors | chip capacitors | high voltage condenser | chip condensers | electrolytic condensers | electrolytic capacitors | radial lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors | screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors | electric double layer capacitor

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  • Production and sale of electrical engineering special items, including electrical terminals. Terminal strips, terminals, clamps, terminal sockets, terminal plates, flat terminal strips, stud...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektrotechnické a elektronické součástky | isolators | socket terminal strips | beaded flat terminals [+] din 46282 clamps | din 41000 flat terminals | flat terminal strips | pin insulators | terminal boards | stud terminals din 46260 | din 46265 high-voltage terminals | teflon soldering terminals | branch terminals

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  • ANTRAKS (or A3) Group focuses on design and manufacturing of Smart Grid solutions for electricity transmission and distribution. Its specialization is fault control, management and line automation....

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - zařízení pro distribuci | Elektřina - výroba a rozvod | Rozvod elektřiny | Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektřina - zařízení na přenos [+] Měření a regulace elektřiny a dalších energií - přístroje a nástroje | Měření a regulace průtoku a proudu - přístroje a nástroje | Řízení a seřízení - přístroje a nástroje | automation of lines | multi-purpose electric mains analysers | implementation of local energy planning | electric and electronic measuring instruments for electric values | research & development for the electric power production and transmission sector | electricity production and transport consultants | aerial transport of electricity with power lines

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    NĚMECKO- Liebenscheid
    ELMEKO GMBH + CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Development: We develop and manufacture high quality control cabinet components necessary for the safe and practical functioning of a controller or control system. This includes equipment as well as...

    Dodavatel: Aktivní elektronické součástky | Pasivní elektronické součástky a tištěné obvody | Elektřina - přístroje | Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektřina - zařízení pro distribuci [+] Průmyslové chlazení - zařízení | Hi-Fi, televize a video - příslušenství | Elektrospotřebiče - bílá technika | Domácí elektrospotřebiče - malé | Půjčovny průmyslového vybavení | Vysoušení - zařízení | heating devices for electrical control cabinets | electricity cabinets | air conditioning unit | filter fans

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  • E. Dold & Söhne KG - Solutions for automation E. Dold & Söhne KG is an internationally operating medium-sized family enterprise. It develops, manufactures and sells high-quality components along...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Elektřina - zařízení pro distribuci | Akumulátory a baterie a monočlánky | Relé | casings for the electronics and electrical industries [+] power electronics | switches | safety relays | emergency switches | supervisory relays | machining of sheet metal | cnc sheet metal machining | isolation monitoring equipment | machine protection equipment | switchgears

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    NĚMECKO- Rhodt
    EBINGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our range of products includes REELING TECHNOLOGY including hose reels and cable reels, SPRAYING TECHNOLOGY including backpack sprayers and trolley sprayers, MANKAR ULV SPRAYING SYSTEMS, ELECTRIC...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Duše pneumatik | Kolečka přepravní | Elektromobily | Čerpadla [+] watering hose winder | balancers | extension leads | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | hose reels | spring balancers | cable reels | cable drums | hose trolleys | accessories for flexible liners

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    NĚMECKO- Marktrodach
    CHRISTIAN STÖHR GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    With more than 50 years of experience in plastic processing, we produce our Hel-X fillers for biological waste water and gas treatment and for use in aquaculture. You can build on this wealth of...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Zařízení pro chov ryb | Akvakultura a chov ryb | aquarium filters | cartridge filters for water treatment [+] filtering products for sludge and sewage treatment plants | drop separators | effluent and wastewater treatment | gas treatment | wastewater treatment products | pisciculture equipment design | waste air cleaning | aquarium filters | filters for wastewater treatment technology | filters for water treatment

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    NĚMECKO- Hermsdorf
    MICRO-HYBRID ELECTRONIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    MICRO-HYBRID Electronic GmbH is a leading medium-sized company providing sophisticated customized electronics solutions. We have been developing and manufacturing innovative electronics for 25 years....

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | capacity sensors (cts) | ir radiator | thermopile detectors | inclination sensors [+] accelerometers | ir emitter | thermopile sensors | mems sensors | thin-film radiator

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  • ROLEC has a proud history as a market leader in the design and development of new concepts in enclosures, command enclosures and suspension systems. The company founders Friedhelm and Matthias Rose...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | steering boxes | cases for the electrical industry | cases | aluminium housings [+] support arm systems | stainless steel housings | polyester housings | ex-enclosures

    Značky : Rolec

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  • Conducting electricity, routing data, controlling energy OBO Bettermann is one of the leading manufacturers of installation systems for the electrical infrastructure of buildings and plants. Whenever...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | Požáry - zařízení na ochranu | Kabelovody | Hromosvody | Požáry - ochrana - služby [+] cable clamps | electrical plugs | grounding systems | cable clamps for electrical installations | terminal box | tubes for electrical systems | cable guides | fire protection for cable raceways | cable glands

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  • More and more OEM’s in the World of electrical energy are looking for special disconnectors for their projects.This need is often irregular and focused on small series or even unique pieces. That’s...

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky | electric energy analysers | medium voltage electric cubicles | isolators | earthing switches [+] sectionalizer | custom made disconnectors | custom build switchgear | medium voltage | mv switch

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    NĚMECKO- Rechberghausen
    ADKOM ELEKTRONIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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    NĚMECKO- Geretsried
    FASTPOINT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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  • MBS AG
    NĚMECKO- Sulzbach-Laufen
    MBS AG - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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  • Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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    NĚMECKO- Schwäbisch Hall
    HSTRONIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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    NĚMECKO- Rethwisch
    ESB ENERGIE SIGNAL BAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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    NĚMECKO- Konstanz
    INGUN PRÜFMITTELBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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  • Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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    NĚMECKO- Darmstadt
    CARLO GAVAZZI GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Elektřina - díly a součástky

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