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  • ...are already being replaced with Technoform products in these sectors. Our customers particularly value TKP's expertise in solution-oriented development with which the company faces each new task. High precision (± 0.05 mm), very...

    Dodavatel: Profily z plastických hmot | extruded pipes | plastic profiles, extruded | plastic hoses | coextruded profiles [+] development of plastic components | aircraft components | guide beads | plastic cable ducts | plastic semi-finished parts | industrial plastic components | plastic precision parts | plastic products | pp plastic profiles | fibre-reinforced plastic structural shapes

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    NĚMECKO- Hagen
    HAARMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ..."From the first draft to the finished and packed end-product – we provide a one stop solution" – that is our company philosophy. Our years of experience in metal and profile processing enable us to make your...

    Dodavatel: Nábytek do předsíně a haly | cloakroom benches | clothes stands | coat racks | coat rack brands [+] benches | cloakroom equipment | coat racks (furniture) | cloakroom accessories | wall coat pegs | series coat racks | coat rack number markings | custom solutions

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    NĚMECKO- Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
    BERGMANN & HILLEBRAND GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    ...components for technical applications, high-end multimedia applications, tailor-made moulded parts for design-oriented products or prototypes, special editions or small batch production, we always meet our...

    Dodavatel: Plech děrovaný ze železných kovů | overblankets | screens | filters | wall-coverings applied [+] surface treatment | punched plate | stamping parts | machines for the construction industry | gardening machines | dumptrucks | reflective panels | embossed parts | semi-finished work | in-house toolmaking

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  • ...Our high quality products usually end up being used in system and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and in medical and energy technology. Drum dyeing machines and spring production...

    Dodavatel: Ocele a kovy - obrábění | Ocele a kovy - povrchová úprava a nátěry | Ocele a kovy - tváření a řezání | Moření ocele a kovů | bright steel [+] stainless steel grinding works | cold-formed structural shapes | cold-drawn steel bars | bar steel | treatments of light alloys ground steels | ground steels | drawn steel | manufacture of steel profiles | steel profiles | titanium alloy

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    NĚMECKO- Königs Wusterhausen
    GEMTEC AG - Verified by Europages

    ...complex components and special constructions made of aluminium, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals are produced for nearly every industry. High-quality end products are produced with modern CNC and laser technology.

    Dodavatel: Automatizace - poradenství | Inženýring - dodavatelé - průmysl | Průmyslové pece | Roboty průmyslové | automatisation of special machines [+] automation | mig welding | plc software | reverse conveyor for painting | assembly lines | assembly line automation | panel finishing | welding circuits | machining of metals | machines, custom-built

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    NĚMECKO- Neudrossenfeld
    SAMATEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...spare parts for the spinning (AutoCoro-Open End), winding (AutoConer), and ring spinning (Autodoffing) sectors. We are able to rely on many years of experience in the production of precision injection moulding tools and...

    Dodavatel: Textil - stroje pro přípravu, spřádání a tkaní | brioche moulds | spare parts for textile machines | spare parts for site equipment | spare parts for autocoro [+] spare parts for autoconer | spare parts for ring spinning machines | spare parts for autodoffing | textile machine accessories | cylindrical grinding of shafts | wear parts for textile machinery | spare parts for industry | turned parts made from various materials | cnc turned parts to order | small runs of turned parts

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  • ...and complexes, provides training to end users, constantly takes part in specialized exhibition events both in Russia and abroad. GEOTAR Manufacturing LLC is a resident of the Skolkovo Technopark No. 1122386 since 20.12.2018. Description...

    Dodavatel: Zubní lékařství - přístroje a vybavení | Rentgenologie léčebná - zařízení a přístroje | Zubní lékařství - vybavení a nástroje | Zubní lékařství - výrobky | Software [+] Didaktické pomůcky | Laboratoře vědecké a technické - didaktické pomůcky | Makety a modely - didaktické pomůcky | Lékařství, ergonomie, společnost - studie a výzkum | Biomedicínské vybavení | Lékařské vybavení a zařízení | simulators | training laboratories | simulation systems | customised production of orthodontic medical devices

    Značky : GEOTAR

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  • ...production systems for electrochemical metal machining ECM, PECM and laser fine machining. From feasibility tests to series production, from classic machine solutions to completely new approaches. What's...

    Dodavatel: Automatizace - instalace a zařízení | electrochemical machining | electrochemical metal machining | ecm | electrochemical deburring [+] ecm deburring | ecm countersinking | ecm drilling | ecm system | ecm machine | ecm automation | ecm cross-drilling | pecm | pecm countersinking | pecm system

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    NĚMECKO- Bräunlingen
    BEDRUNKA+HIRTH GERÄTEBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...in the areas of metal processing. Our products include drawer cupboards, workbenches, CNC storage systems and work tables with adjustable heights. Qualified specialists, a creative planning department with...

    Dodavatel: Ponky | cabinets with drawers | tool trolleys | work table | cnc storage and transportation systems [+] equipment trolleys | workplace systems | cabinet systems | heavy duty tables | mobile logistics systems | assembly workstations | workshop carts | electronic tool dispensing systems | office equipment | ergonomic workstations

    Značky : APL Arbeitsplatzlinie | TSM - Tool Server Modular

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  • Sample dispatch, finishing for batches of over 100 tins. We stock a wide range of tins. Products dispatched anywhere in Europe, low prices and quick delivery. Silver tins available from stock...

    Dodavatel: Krabice a plechovky na nápoje, kovové | metal boxes | tin pill boxes | metal packaging | tin cans [+] metal tins for foods | tins | tinplate tins | tins for the packaging industry | tins for advertising and marketing | round tins made from tinplate | tea caddies made from tinplate | coffee tins made from tinplate | personalised tins

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