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  • Dodavatel: reconditioning of machines and equipment | machines and equipment for winding, spooling and reeling yarn | Ocele a kovy - povrchová úprava a nátěry | Ocele a kovy - obrábění | rolling
    BELGIE - Chenee
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  • Dodavatel: Machine tools, metal machining - parts and accessories | reconditioning of machines and equipment | Konstrukční kanceláře průmyslové | mechanical parts | machine design and construction
    FRANCIE - Capdenac
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  • Dodavatel: reconditioning of machines and equipment | Průmyslová údržba
    FRANCIE - St Melaine Sur Aubance
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  • Dodavatel: reconditioning of machines and equipment | Vozidla - služby | Autoservisy a čerpací stanice - zařízení | bodywork fitting | injectors for motors
    POLSKO - Zakrzew
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  • ...covering over 3, 500m², we always have 450 reconditioned machines in stock. We offer a wide choice of brands and prices for used machine tools. Used woodworking machinery. Export metalworking machinery. Used metalworking machinery. Used sheet metal machinery. Special machinery.... Dodavatel: used and reconditioned woodworking machinery for export | Import-export obráběcích strojů | band saws - cutting | wood planing machines | wood tenoning machines [+] combined machines for wood | wood milling machines | used machines for aluminium and pvc joinery | woodworking machines for export | used wood sanding machines | used surface planing machine | sliding table saw and edge bander | wood saw and combined unit | used spinning shaper and planing machines for export | used mortising machinery for export
    FRANCIE - Le Val Saint Pere
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  • for printing machines and folding equipment. We place special emphasis on providing reliable service, exceptional quality and utmost flexibility – satisfied customers are our main objective! We see individual requests from our... Dodavatel: Tisk a sazba - stroje a zařízení | products made from vulkollan® | cutter bars for paper cutting machines | spare parts for packaging machines | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific [+] moulded parts made from vulkollan® | spare parts for typographical machines | plastic moulded parts | plastic precision parts | metal-plastic compounds | precision parts for special mechanical engineering | custom-made plastic products | plungers, flexible | specialised mechanical engineering | precision parts
    NĚMECKO - Hoisdorf
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