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    ŠVÝCARSKO- Wallbach
    NOVOPLAST AG - Verified by Europages

    NOVOPLAST AG, founded in 1945, combines traditional values in the form of long-standing customer-supplier relationships with innovation that is shaped by ongoing adjustment to new technologies and...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | plastic housings | injection-moulded parts, technical | plastic precision parts | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches [+] plastic injection moulded parts | plastic moulded parts | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | injection-moulded plastic parts, transparent | plastic injection-moulded parts for medical technology | precision plastic injection moulded parts | plastic products | polyamide injection moulded parts | plastic parts for electronic equipment | plastic injection moulded parts for mechanical engineering

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    NĚMECKO- Heilbronn/flein
    BW KUNSTSTOFFE E.K. - Verified by Europages

    Based in Heilbronn, Germany, we specialise in manufacturing and selling technical plastic components and semi-finished products. We supply industrial customers from all over Germany. Thanks to our...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Desky z plastických hmot | plastic | transparent plastic | thermosetting materials [+] cnc boring | high performance plastic material | marketing of plastic materials | cutting of plastic materials | cnc plastic milling | plastics engineering | engineering plastics | cnc high-temperature plastic machining | curve guides | engineering plastics

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  • Manufacture of all types of plastic goods.

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | winter gardens | canopies | plastic injection-moulded parts for awning construction | plastic injection-moulded parts with metal insert [+] sun protection accessories | accessories for awning drives | plastic cover caps | plastic semi-finished products | films, solar protection | plastic moulded parts, customer-specific | plastic moulded parts, unreinforced | plastic products | molded plastic parts | plastic injection-moulded parts, powder-coated

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    NĚMECKO- Königsbrunn
    FRANZ FISCHLER GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    For more than 50 years, plastic moulded parts and abrasives have been at the forefront of our company. In the course of this, maximum precision and a highly innovative spirit have come to distinguish...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Modelářství | technical-grade plastic parts | plastics manufacturing | abrasive moulds [+] wood machines | prototyping | woodwork machinery installation | cad | drawing presses - plastics | cad applications for drawing | injection moulding of plastics | vacuum thermoforming | 5 axis milling | abrasives

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    NĚMECKO- Salem
    CARGO PLAST GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Cargo Plast® GmbH is a medium-sized independent company. For more than ten years, we have been producing and selling transportation and storage systems as well as repairing and welding plastics. The...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Bedny, plastové | Balení na zakázku | plastic pallets | plastics manufacturing [+] cargo carriers | fruit and vegetable crates | plastic carrying containers | packing | palettes | bins with pick opening | folding boxes | small load carriers (klt) | plastic collection trays | plastic storage containers

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  • Our current expertise is based on more than 25 years of intensive work with plastic as a material and the dedicated work of our 500 employees. INOTECH acts as a successful system supplier for...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | moulds production | plastics manufacturing | varnishing | metallization [+] plastic injection moulded parts | injection-moulded plastic parts | technical-grade plastic parts | injection-moulded parts, technical | product development | tool management | in-house toolmaking | project management | plastic injection blow moulding | surface finishing

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    NĚMECKO- Illmensee
    LANGER  GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    The Langer Group in Illmensee consists of the two companies Langer GmbH & Co. KG and LARO NC-Technik GmbH. The range of products and services offered by Langer GmbH & Co. KG comprises several key...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Modelářství | construction of jigs and fixtures | moulds production | quick prototyping [+] tool manufacturing | injection moulding | injection-moulded plastic parts | laminated moulds | test gauges | injection moulding tools for the automotive industry | tool manufacture for injection moulded components | cubing models for the automotive industry | data control models | plastic injection-moulded parts for medical technology

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    NĚMECKO- Heilbronn
    PLS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The top objective of our company is to make our customers happy. This means that we must recognise their needs, satisfy their requirements and exceed their expectations. In addition to a high product...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | mould building | cnc milled parts | plastic injection-moulded parts in insert/outsert technology | plastic injection moulded parts, technical, for vehicle construction [+] cad/cam consultancy | mould construction for thermoplastics | moulds for the plastics industry | injection moulded plastic parts for the furniture industry | plastic injection-moulded parts for small batches | polyamide injection moulded parts | precision plastic injection moulded parts | quality assurance consultancy | injection moulds | injection-moulded mass produced items

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    NĚMECKO- Erndtebrück
    BÄCKER GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Bäcker has been a manufacturer and supplier of technical standard parts and control elements made of plastic and metal, as well as individual solutions made of plastic for industry, for more than 40...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | spring plungers | star knobs | rods | ball knobs [+] clamping levers | standard parts for mechanical engineering and apparatus construction | control elements made of plastic | moulded plastic parts | injection moulded plastic parts with metal insert | plastic standard screws | plastic nuts | plastic screws | plastic handles | stops

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    NĚMECKO- Laatzen
    GRÜNING & LOSKE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Grüning & Loske GmbH stands for a successful combination of products and services. Good ideas, the latest technology and many years of tradition as a technical trader, we add to innovative solutions...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Přechodky trubek a hadic, plastové | Krytiny, plastové | Roury, trubky a hadice, pryžové | Duše pneumatik [+] pvc flexible pipes | polyurethane | working rubber | plastics manufacturing | plastic fastening systems | high pressure pipes | plastic pipes, tubes and hoses | flexible rubber tubes | personal protection devices | gaskets and seals

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  • With our plastics, we want to make your life easier! Our aim is continuous improvement. We call this approach “Advance”. This is embodied by Centroplast Advance: Redefining diversity and...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Hadice, trubky a roury, plastové | semi-finished plastic products | quick prototyping | compound materials [+] sheets of plastic materials | sheets of plastic materials | plastic hoses | plastic prefabricated parts | manufacture and processing of thermoplastics | centroflex™ | extraction solution | centropack™ | reusable packaging systems for machine elements | plastic tea-light holders

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  • ATP S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been working in the field of plastics processing for over 50 years, applying the best technologies and production techniques, in compliance with sector...

    Dodavatel: Plasty - výrobky pro strojírenství | Hadice, trubky a roury, plastové | Zpracování plastů | Zařízení pro zavodňování | watering systems [+] pipes for the building trade | oil-resistant plastic pipes | polypropylene tubes | injection moulding | square pvc tubes | extruded pvc pipes | micro-irrigation | water | drip lines | plants

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  • The company was formerly headquartered in Schlierbach, Baden-Württemberg, between Stuttgart and Ulm at the foot of the Swabian Alps. With just three members of staff to start with, a customer base...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Plasty - sběr a recyklace | Prototypy průmyslové | Průmyslové potrubí | welded structures [+] plant construction | plastic heat forming | cnc milling | c.n.c milling | plastics manufacturing | plastic work | pvc pipes | thermoplastic pipes | semi-finished plastic products | plastic sheeting, semi-finished products

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    ITÁLIE- Codogno
    LA MISOLET SRL - Verified by Europages

    La Misolet is based in Codogno in the province of Lodi. The company has been working in the field of dielectric, thermomechanical and thermoelectrical materials, electronics, lighting and renewable...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Tepelné izolační desky bez azbestu | Obráběcí stroje pro řezání | Průmyslové obráběcí stroje pro řezání | extruders for plastics [+] bakelite canvas | electrical insulators | high-temperature insulation products | mica pipes | polycarbonate processing | glazed sheets | round rolled sections | shears for cutting plastics | number control rolling | cnc milling

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  • Close contact with our customers ensures that we can find the right solution for each individual task. Regardless of whether we are already implementing existing ideas and plans, or are set to...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | rubber blanks, rubber seals, panels/rolls | felt blanks, wool felt panels, special felts | plastic blanks, technical-grade plastic parts | silicone foam blanks, seals, silicone foam panels [+] pe foam blanks, linings, inserts, fillers | cellular rubber blanks, cellular rubber panels, seals | vulkollan-polyurethane blanks d15/d44 cellular vulkollan | foam blanks, linings, inserts, filter foam | coating, self-adhesive fitting, cut to size | pur foam hoses, anti-rattle systems, sound insulation | window profile sealing parts/window profile seals | pressure rollers made from cellular rubber, foam, pe foam | moulded rubber parts, extruded rubber parts, rubber profiles | doctor blades for printing machines, ptfe films, sponge rubber

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    ČÍNA- Jiangsu Province
    AECO PROTOTYPE CO., LTD. - Verified by Europages

    AECO PROTOTYPE CO., LTD. is a Chinese company specialized in prototype manufacturing. With more than 15 years of experience in the market we reassure you, your requirements will be met. We offer a...

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | rapid prototyping services | 3d printing services | custom parts | prototype manufacturer [+] cnc plastic model and prototype | aluminum cnc machining | low volume production | industrial model and prototype | industrial design support | rapid molding | cnc projects | performance car parts | precision cnc machining

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    NĚMECKO- Willich
    N&H TECHNOLOGY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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    ITÁLIE- Caldarola
    POLIMER PROCESSORS S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Plastické hmoty - polotovary

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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    NĚMECKO- Ruhla
    GHS PLASTIC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Plasty - výrobky pro lékařství | Plasty - výrobky pro nábytkářský průmysl | Vstřikování pryže a plastů | Zpracování plastů | Plastické hmoty - polotovary

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    ITÁLIE- Leini
    UCIESSE S.A.S. - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů | Desky z plastických hmot

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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    ITÁLIE- Gussago
    MP PLASTIC SOLUTION - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Lisování plastů | Zpracování plastů | Plastické hmoty - výrobky pro domácnost | Polystyren | Výstavní police a regály - konstrukce a montáž

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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    ITÁLIE- San Maurizio Canavese
    MEK FIBER - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Plasty - průmyslové stroje | Zpracování plastů

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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  • Dodavatel: Zpracování plastů

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