Brosinsky & Kopp has been an experienced and continually growing industrial sales agency since 1979 and acts as an intermediary between users and manufacturers. We consider it our mission to supply you with the correct product for your specific purpose. Our good contacts with renowned manufacturers are a great help with this. Moreover, if your product does not yet exist, we will develop the right solution in collaboration with you and the manufacturer. We can deliver many products from our stock in Berlin.

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  • Rok založení 1979
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Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Vodiče izolované
  • Shrinking tubes for every type of insulating purpose
  • Data transmission cables
  • Heat-resistant insulated flue liners
  • Pre-assembled lines
  • Electric lines
  • Lines for industry electronics
  • Jumper wires and standard wires according to the US standard (UL/CSA)
  • Specialised connection lines
  • UL/CSA cables
  • Data networks (cables)
  • Data transmission cables, specially prepared
  • Wire strands
  • Shielded ribbon cables
  • Hyperfrequency cables
  • Industrial cables, pre-assembled
  • Installation cables
  • Insulating hoses, UL/CSA approved
  • Cables, shielded
  • Cables, halogen-free
  • Cables, with plastic insulation
  • Coaxial cables, pre-assembled
  • Insulated stranded wires
  • Jumper wires and standard wires
  • Power lines
  • cables for computers
  • data transmission cables
  • coaxial cables
  • low voltage electric cables
  • special cables
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