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DANAKOL has honed its expertise over the years in the design and manufacturing of school, kindergarten, office, and residential furniture. We deliver custom furniture to meet the needs of educational institutions as well as individual requirements. Our furniture collections are created based on our own designs, as well as technical drawings, photos, and sketches provided by our clients. In addition to our commendable portfolio of school furniture, our prowess extends to crafting premium-grade furnishings for corporate offices, retail spaces, exhibition centers, and homes. Many of our custom furniture lines are distributed by esteemed partners to schools and kindergartens across the European Union. We are highly flexible when it comes to making changes and producing furniture in various quantities. Most of our furniture collections are carefully packed and secured in appropriate cartons, ensuring safe delivery to the customer. Our company is equipped with a large machinery park, including modern CNC machines. The initiation of our production cycle adheres to a meticulously crafted protocol: •Familiarization with the client's expectations (drawings, photos, technical documentation, etc). •Discussion of materials for the furniture elements and technical solutions. •Preliminary quotation to assess whether it aligns with the client's budget expectations. •Creation of a prototype. •Approval of the prototype and final pricing determination. •Implementation for mass production.


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ul. Spółdzielcza 9

83-110 Tczew - Polsko

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