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DMH SYSTEM provides a seamless single-source system from the customer request through to the finished seal, in order to fulfil the customer's request simply and quickly. It is the interplay between the individual components, together with the used of internal resources that makes this success possible. DMH SYSTEM is composed of the following business areas: - DMH Machines - DMH Software and Tools - DMH Semi-finished Products- DMH Seals. We provide our DMH Machine customers with all the tools necessary to operate our DMH machines and a comprehensive service and training plan conducted by our expert technicians, in addition to continually redeveloped software solutions. The manufacture of semi-finished products, which produces over 50 different materials, is performed by our internal laboratory and the Quality department. DMH constantly strives to improve its quality standards and make innovations available to our customers.

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Klíčové ukazatele

  • Počet zaměstnanců
    101 – 200


  • Rok založení
  • Hlavní činnost

Klíčová slova spojená s tímto podnikem

  • Obráběcí stroje pro tváření kovů
  • Stroje pro tažírny drátů a zpracování kovů v drátech
  • Těsnění
  • Obráběcí stroje pro tváření kovů - díly a příslušenství
  • Sealing technology
  • CNC software
  • CNC turned parts
  • Plastic CNC turned parts
  • Plastic CNC milled parts
  • c.n.c milling