Design, manufacture and sales of electrical heating components and complete systems, using infrared or traditional systems, designed for industrial production processes. Metal, ceramic and quartz infra-red electric radiators. Pre-assembled Radiating elements wired according to the client's specifications for the heating of closed or moving surfaces. Industrial electric heating (for gas, liquids and solids) cartridges, tubular, finned, wrap-around, beams, radiating elements with infra-red rays; Special production made to order. Heater cables, ultra-flat resistors in silicone rubber, heating beams for barrels. Power cables for high temperatures. Digital thermoregulators, solid state relays, temperature sensors, infrared thermometers. Assembly and cabling of complete frameworks for temperature control and adjustment. Complete air heater batteries Heat exchangers for oil, naphtha, water, steam. Vast selection available in store.

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  • electrical heating elements
  • electric immersion heaters
  • radiator panel
  • heating cables
  • cartridge resistance
  • infrared lamps

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