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Discover CHAMP, an exceptional dog food brand that offers quality at an export-friendly price. CHAMP is precision engineered and meets strict ISO 9001 and H.A.C.C.P. In particular, our formulations align seamlessly with the demanding US NRC and Aafco standards, underlining our commitment to meeting the highest benchmarks. CHAMP features a superior composition of high-quality proteins and fats, carefully balanced to provide your dog with the optimal mix of nutrition. Essential vitamins are integrated, ensuring a complete and well-rounded diet. Through a skillful combination of raw materials and an extrusion process, CHAMP achieves exceptional digestibility, paving the way for better nutrient absorption. The high-tech production techniques used in crafting CHAMP, combined with the selection of ingredients, guarantee a palatability that dogs love to embrace. CHAMP is the preferred choice for dog owners looking for a dry food range that energizes and stimulates their dog. In addition to consumers, CHAMP also targets professionals in various fields, including institutions such as military and police units. Breeders and retail chains also rely on the consistent quality and reliability of CHAMP. Champ is available daily in 22 countries such as Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Malasia To learn more about CHAMP and our offer, we invite you to visit our website. CHAMP THE CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS.


CHAMP Dogfood

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