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    NĚMECKO- Ennepetal
    HERBERHOLZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    For over 60 years, we have been producing and supplying shut-off valves, choke valves and regulating valves made of a variety of materials and nominal widths, primarily for industrial applications...

    Dodavatel: Armatury pro ropný a petrochemický průmysl | Ventily průmyslových armatur | Přechodové trubky armatur | Nastavitelné ovládání armatur | Průmyslové armatury [+] cast iron butterfly valves | butterfly valves | adjustable valves for gas welding machines | ball valves | ball cocks | valves | shut-off valves | double butterfly valves | butterfly valve body | valves for gas

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    NĚMECKO- Forchtenberg
    MÜLLER CO-AX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to the inventor of coaxial valve technology. Turn our benefits to your advantage and enjoy our keen sense of customer-orientation. It is our mission to develop tailor-made solutions in...

    Dodavatel: Nastavitelné ovládání armatur | Průmyslové armatury | valves | solenoids | high-pressure valves [+] safety valves | dispensing valve | process valves | valve technology | coaxial valves | pneumatic valves | high-temperature valves | cryogenic valves | vacuum valves | cartridge valves

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    NĚMECKO- Habichtswald
    METALLIC FLEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At METALLIC FLEX, we offer you solutions with diaphragm bellows or UHV manipulators as well as vacuum valves, corner valves or rotary unions for precisely and reliably moving, sealing, guiding and...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | brass instruments | diaphragm bellows

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  • Gnutti Cirillo spa is a company specialising in heat moulding and the mechanical shaping of brass, aluminium and other non ferrous metals. Founded in 1951 by Cirillo Gnutti as a manufacturer of tools...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Sanitární armatury | Plynové armatury | Lisování ocele a kovů | water valves [+] brass moulding | brass taps | brass rings | working of brass | ball valves | gas cocks | working of brass pipes | hot forming | hot presses | metal moulding

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  • Lee Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH | The German subsidiary of "The Lee Company" was founded in Frankfurt in 1979 and, since then, has operated as a legally independent distribution subsidiary...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Čerpadla, hydraulická | butterfly valves | non-return valves | dispensing valve [+] shut-off valves | non-return valves | solenoid valves | valves | adapters for medical engineering | solenoid valves | sealing plugs for hydraulics | microfluidics | miniature diaphragm pumps | built-in non-return valves, hydraulic

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    ITÁLIE- Lumezzane
    GNALI BOCIA SRL - Verified by Europages

    GNALI BOCIA in Lumezzane in the province of Brescia and founded by the Gnali brothers towards the end of the 1970s specialises in the manufacturing of pressure regulators, pressure reducers, taps,...

    Dodavatel: Kohouty sanitárních armatur | Ventily průmyslových armatur | Přechodové trubky armatur | Plynové armatury | Průmyslové armatury [+] gas pressure regulators | water valves | safety valve | own production | taps and fittings | connectors for hydraulics, heating and sanitary systems | tube joins | taps for bottles | degassing valves | multi-layer connectors

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    NĚMECKO- Winterbach
    WESA-ARMATUREN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    WESA is a prestigious company that offers a comprehensive range of ball valves, heating valve assemblies, pipeline valve assemblies and industrial valve assemblies to meet the wishes and requirements...

    Dodavatel: Ventily průmyslových armatur | Příruby armatur | Průmyslové armatury | ball cocks | cast iron butterfly valves [+] non-return valves | flanges for industrial piping | non-return valves | fittings | pipeline valve assemblies | flange ball valves | stainless steel valves | strainers (valve assemblies) | shut-off valves | stainless steel ball valves

    Značky : WESA

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    NĚMECKO- Villingen-Schwenningen

    Viro has been producing high-quality hot pressed parts in roughing and finishing work since 1982 for technically demanding applications. As a result of our customer-centric company policy,...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Plynové armatury | Lisování za tepla | Hliník a slitiny | Hliníkové slitiny [+] Zámečnické práce | valves for gas | aluminium tee-pieces | hot forming | copper forging | drop-forged parts for industrial applications | alloy forging | brass hot pressing | forged aluminium parts | aluminium drop forged parts

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    NĚMECKO- Berlin
    BORSIG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The BORSIG Group's head office is BORSIG GmbH, based in Berlin. Strategic management focuses on three areas: Group development, product and market strategies, production structures, target...

    Dodavatel: Armatury pro ropný a petrochemický průmysl | Průmyslové armatury | Výměníky tepla | ball valves | accessories for compressors [+] high pressure fittings | maintenance and repair of industrial plumbing | emissions reduction | systems service | high-pressure ball valves | waste heat recovery systems | rotary lobe compressors | industrial service | piston and screw-type compressors (more than 60 m³/standard over 30 bar) | compressor valves

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    NĚMECKO- Bremen
    WELLFLEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to Welllflex – your partner for compensators, steam traps and industry valves. Wellflex was initially founded in 1989 as an individual enterprise before being transformed into a limited...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Kompenzátory | metal hoses | semi-rotary manual pumps | non-return valves [+] shut-off valves | exhaust compensators | specially designed compensators | special compensators | stainless steel compensators | steel compensators | axial compensators | lateral compensators | angular compensators | flange compensators

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  • I.V.A.R. SPA
    ITÁLIE- Prevalle
    I.V.A.R. SPA - Verified by Europages

    IVAR manufactures innovative items for heating and hot water systems manufactured entirely in Italy: heating element valves, direct metering modules, heat distribution devices, pipes and fittings,...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Ventily průmyslových armatur | Ventily výbušných motorů | solenoid valves | fittings [+] taps and fittings | plastic manual valves | mixing valves | thermostatic valves | thermostatic valves | radiator valves | valves for static and dynamic balancing | single-pipe valves | two-pipe valves | alupex pipes

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    FRANCIE- Urou Et Crennes
    ADIS FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    ADIS France, ATEO Group, manufactures and distributes water supply equipment and pipes. On your website you'll find numerous answers to your needs in terms of water supply mainly for professionals....

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Ventily průmyslových armatur | flange adapters made of ductile cast iron | shut-off valves | check valve [+] butterfly valves | taps and fittings | valves and couplings | network protection | branching valve | control valve | stopcock | paddle clamp | meter valve | brass compression fitting

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    NĚMECKO- Olbernhau
    AZ INTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    AZ INTEC GmbH – your certified partner since 1979. We are a family business focused on production, development and OEM. We offer a full range of products and solutions for a multitude of...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | taps and fittings | ball cocks | stainless steel exchanger | fittings for technical gases [+] assemblies for fluid technology | compressed-gas fittings | flexible pipes | corrugated pipes | stainless steel corrugated hoses | shut-off valves | ansi fittings | fittings for the chemical industry | equipment for the energy sector | fittings for medical technology

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  • We are your partner for everything to do with water jet cutting, and provide high-quality components for high-pressure pumps and cutting heads compatible with products from most manufacturers. We...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | water jet cutting systems | water jet cutting - machines | high pressure fittings | garnets for sandblasting [+] high-pressure pumps | pump repairs | sheets of honeycomb polypropylene | honeycomb slabs | fittings for high-pressure technology | spare parts for water jet cutting systems | contracted micro water jet cutting | repairs of high-pressure pumps | plastic honeycomb panels | water jet cutting nozzles

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  • We were established in 1966 in Willich, North Rhine-Westphalia, as a spin-off of Carl Aug. Rothstein AG ‒ a company with over 90 years of experience fitting valves to the very first WC cisterns....

    Dodavatel: Sanitární armatury | Průmyslové armatury | Kohouty sanitárních armatur | membrane valves | level control valves with diaphragm [+] single valves | stainless steel valves | check valve | safety valve | floats | stainless-steel valves | hollow plastic balls | float valves | valves made of plastic | plastic poultry drinking troughs

    Značky : PEKI | JFC

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  • Franz Krope has been active in the machine building and tool manufacturing industry for 50 years. For nearly 30 years, Franz Krope has fully developed and independently built extruders which are...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Ocele a kovy - obrábění | Ruční nářadí bez pohonu | Nářadí motorové přenosné | Obráběcí stroje pro tváření kovů [+] Obráběcí stroje pro řezání | Obráběcí stroje - obrábění kovů | Všeobecné strojírenství - práce bez dodání suroviny | Obráběcí stroje pro tváření kovů - díly a příslušenství | Obráběcí stroje pro obrábění kovů - díly a příslušenství | flow meter | water flow rate measuring devices | fittings for the chemical industry | digital flow rate measuring devices | electronic flow rate measuring devices

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    NĚMECKO- Weiterstadt
    KOREMA® GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    KOREMA® is a family owned SME with over 50 years’ experience manufacturing fabric expansion joints for use in industrial pipeline systems. Our core competences are technical consulting, manufacturing...

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury | Kompenzátory | atex | fda | 10/2011 [+] 2023/2006 | silicone-free | soft material compensators | 1935/2004 | 9001:2015

    Značky : KOREMA

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  • Dodavatel: Akční členy průmyslových armatur | Průmyslové armatury | Potrubní tvarovky ze železných kovů | Plechy a trubky

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  • Dodavatel: Nastavitelné ovládání armatur | Průmyslové armatury | Šoupátka a ventily

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    FRANCIE- Ste Hélène Du Lac
    TRANSFLUID - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Přechodové trubky armatur | Ventily průmyslových armatur | Průmyslové armatury

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  • Dodavatel: Nastavitelné ovládání armatur | Průmyslové armatury | Šoupátka a ventily | Kompenzátory | Šrouby

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    ITÁLIE- Borgomanero
    FORNARA SPA - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Sanitární armatury | Průmyslové armatury

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  • Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury

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    FRANCIE- Pourrieres
    PETRAS - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Akční členy průmyslových armatur | Ventily průmyslových armatur | Armatury pro ropný a petrochemický průmysl | Průmyslové armatury | Petrochemie - stroje a zařízení

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  • Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury

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  • Dodavatel: Nastavitelné ovládání armatur | Průmyslové armatury | Armatury pro ropný a petrochemický průmysl

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    NĚMECKO- Steinfeld-Mühlen

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury

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    NĚMECKO- Viersen
    APD SCHLAUCHTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury

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    NĚMECKO- Albstadt
    DIEBOLD & STREICH KG - Verified by Europages

    Dodavatel: Průmyslové armatury

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  • Dodavatel: Plynové armatury | Průmyslové armatury

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