The AIMAG group is an integrated set of companies that in the course of its regular activities sets up and brings to fruition projects for the product and service sectors. The group manages services in the energy, environmental and technology sectors; it offers its advice on organisation to firms and local bodies. AIMAG's choice of social responsibility is manifested through the economic and cultural adoption of a company policy that reconciles economic aims with social and environmental aims. AIMAG is committed to creating value for all its staff. That is the mission shared by the ownership, administrations, management and operational structure. Back in 2000, AIMAG was one of the first public companies in the country to apply a services charter and obtain UNI EN ISO 9000: 2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 1996 quality certification.

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  • Plyn - výroba a rozvod
  • Vodoměry
  • water sanitation
  • aqueduct works
  • water - production and distribution
  • methane distribution
  • invoices
  • electricity
  • gas distribution
  • electricity distribution
  • water distribution
  • methane gas distribution
  • natural gas
  • methane fuel
  • heating methane
  • purification plant management
  • methane
  • construction of large water reservoirs
  • forest works
  • drinking water supply
  • pipe locator
  • agencies of public interest
  • agricultural work
  • gas supply pipe network construction
  • drilling for water sources
  • laying of mountain aqueducts
  • gas leak finder
  • laying of land water mains
  • prompt intervention
  • oil and by-products
  • supply and transport of water
  • construction of large raised mushroom-tanks for water supply
  • refinery gas

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