Production of motor terminal boards, cell connectors, clamps, cable lugs, slip ring elements, carbon brushes, brush studs, terminal insulators, retainer insulators, stud terminals. The company was founded as a trading company for armature winding products for the repair of electric motors in today's head office in 1945. Since that time, we have designed and built over 250 dies. With these dies, we produce approx. 40, 000 motor terminal boards for our international customers every workday. After taking up the production of slip ring bodies, we now offer our customers more than 700 different body types and also produce slip rings based on old drawings from leading manufacturers.

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  • Elektřina - díly a součástky
  • Elektromotory a díly
  • Elektrické a elektronické součástky - stroje na výrobu
  • Carbon brushes
  • Commutators
  • Slip-ring elements
  • Stud terminals
  • Machine components
  • Slip ring
  • terminals
  • servomotor charcoal case
  • moulded commutators
  • boards for electrical circuits
  • ring brush case
  • tool manufacturing
  • Hexagonal nuts
  • rubber terminal
  • electric motor brushes

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