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Stewart Hill Walker UK Limited (“StewartHillUK”) is a British wholesale B2B export company, currently exporting our own private label wines to Canada, the USA, and Sweden. Our company is a family-owned business, established in 2014 in London by its director Lucilda Stewart, who is a former lawyer. The company rebranded with a name change in 2018. We have two excellent ranges produced by a century-old family vineyard in the Navarro and La Rioja regions in Spain. The regions are well known for their excellent Reds. Our other range is produced by a family-owned, renowned and an award-winning vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. Our label design is derived from the crest of our Scottish surname. The Stewart Clan Crest features a pelican feeding her young in its nest. The Latin motto on the crest reads Virescit vulnere virtus, which translates to "Courage grows strong at a wound". The curious thing about the pelican on the crest is that it is not an animal native to Scotland. It is thought that Scottish crusaders saw them during their journeys to the Holy Land. Earlier versions of the crest would portray the pelican as feeding her young from the blood of her own chest, symbolizing self-sacrifice and putting the motto into great perspective. The crest was why the pelican wing was incorporated into our label design.

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Uniting the World

Uniting the World

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StewartHIllUK supported this charitable event held in Andalusia, Spain by supplying its wine



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